How to safely hire a driver
Posted By: Rohit on 12 Jun 2018

Being safe is a priority and being safe is of prime importance these days with crimes on an all time high. With traffic and chaos on the roads these days, driving becomes a task even for people who enjoy driving.

Hiring a driver will save you from the trouble of driving through traffic and save you time while on the move in the comfort of a vehicle. 

Hiring a driver-

Before hiring a driver, you should be aware of your requirements.

Some of the requirements for hiring a driver could be- commuting to work, taking the children to school, running errands around the city, or visiting family/friends.

Type- There are two types of drivers- temporary and permanent. A permanent driver will available at your service, whenever required. A permanent driver will be available for a set number of hours on a daily basis. A temporary driver can be called upon for short periods or for a few days depending on your requirement.

Know-how- If you want a driver who is experienced it would be imperative to ask for the same. Experienced drivers are always safer.


How to safely hire a driver-

There a ways by which you can safely hire a driver-

  • Through referral
  • Through an agency

Hiring a driver through referral- Hiring a driver through referral is the most preferred way of hiring since there is an already established sense of trust between the referee and the referrer. For added surety and safety, you should always conduct background verification of the drivers along with a list of references.

Hiring a driver through an agency- A hiring agency acts as a link between the drivers and the customers. The agency has a collated list of drivers who are available. You should ask the agency to provide you the details of the checks done on driver.

Have a driving license and skills to drive a vehicle is not enough. Your safety from a bad intention is equally important as your safety on roads. Always conduct a background verification of the driver for any criminal record in past. This one step can secure you on the roads as well off roads.

After you have hired a driver, converse with your driver, while conversing with your driver you can gather much more information. You can ask the driver about his family, you can get a bit personal but to a limit.

Hire safe to be safe!