Tenant Verification

Why tenant verification is important

Tenant verification is important while renting your property. It is always important to know the person you rent your property.

People still miss to conduct this crucial requirement and make excuses.

What you consider

tenant verification

What you don't consider

tenant verification

Think before giving away your property, EVEN FOR RENT

Looks can be deceiving, documents can be fake.

Background verification tells you the truth.


tenant verification

Legal Compliance

Tenant verification is a legal compliance where you need to first register your tenant to a local police station and then you need to check for the criminal records.

tenant verification

Criminal Background

It is always important to know the criminal history of the person you are renting your property. Criminal record check not just safeguards your property but also acts as risk deterrent for others.

tenant verification

Eviction History

Tenant verification can tell you about the eviction history of a tenant. It is always better to get rid of the person who can capture your property.

tenant verification

Previous Landlord Recommendation

Tenant verification can also get you the recommendation of the past landlord of your tenant. You would know about your prospect tenant’s behavior from previous landlord’s recommendation.

Always verify your tenant before you rent them your property.

Verify Community Benefits

NCRB result shows that verification reduces crime rates

There have been have been several incidents where criminals have been hiding as tenants. Ignorance towards tenant verification put everyone at a huge risk.

This increase in crime rate is a major concern. We cannot blame anyone else other than ourselves for promoting such crimes through our negligence.

The same trend has been seen in criminal activities like theft and kidnapping and abduction. Women, children and elder people are prone to such risks.

Criminal record check of your tenants creates a healthy surrounding by restricting bad elements of the society to get in touch with not just your loved ones, but with others as well.

Community benefit benefits you only

tenant verification

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