Online Police Verification

Online Police Verification

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Police Verification

  • Criminal record of a person is checked at the local police station, that could be located at current or permanent address.
  • Verification is initiated through SP office or equivalent authority. A report is received from SP office or equivalent authority.
  • Thorough criminal history is checked at the local level.
  • Long and tedius process, takes around 90 working days.
  • Verification is usually conducted to fulfil government compliances. Criminal record are checked at permanent or current address.
  • Criminal Record Check from Indian court database may be conducted in lieu, if Police Clearance Certificate is not a mandatory or legal requirement.

Police Registration

  • The employer or the landlord has to submit valid ID and address proof of employee or lessee at local police station.
  • A form needs to be duly filled, signed and submitted at local police station. Details of the candidate is registered by Police.
  • Criminal history is not checked, only worker/tenant information is saved.
  • Takes around 3 working days.
  • It is conducted to fulfil government compliance and register details at local police station.
  • Criminal Record Check from Indian court database is highly recommended to verify criminal history, even after registration.                                                                  


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Show Should I conduct police verification or police registration?
  • If you have hired a worker or rented your house then you should perform police registration. After doing police registration you should conduct police verification or go for “Criminal record check (CRC)” which would give you report in lesser time.

  • Show How can I check Criminal history of my domestic worker?
  • If you are from private security agency or cab companies or have a compliance of police verification, then you should conduct police verification. If you want to instantly check the criminal history, you can go for criminal record check.

  • Show How can I check criminal history of my tenant?
  • You can conduct a “Criminal record check (CRC)” over Indian court database.

  • Show Can I get criminal record of my tenant/worker within 3-5 days?
  • Yes. You can get the criminal record checked on Indian Court database within 5 working days.

  • Show Is criminal record check as reliable as Police verification?
  • Yes. Record in a criminal record check is thoroughly checked in Indian Court database, which is further validated by a law firm.

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