Why you need our data?

DEWII is a social enterprise working to help the society to digitize data of your workers (Digital India Initiative) and making it accessible to you on a click of a button. With this you will be able to track each employees working in your villa. It will help you to get better quality of services and more security.

What else you will do with our data?

We follow very structured data policy. We as a company believe in data integration and understand the data confidentiality along with its legality. This data will be shared only with your permission.
We believe in proximity of data:
Fully private setting – only particular concerned parties will get access to information
Semi-private setting – only Villa no., Apartment Name, House No. will be accessible
Open private setting – all information accessible to everyone.

We are RWA and don’t have any direct rights to pursue residents to provide data of their employees for this purpose and we find them least interested in any society activities so how you will collect data from our villas?

You are only facilitating. We will collect from entry points. We will train security of the villas and will also send our team. We just need your blessings to do it.

Why don’t you collect data directly from the workers?

We are also in touch with workers but to get best benefit to the society better mapping is required. So we are more concerned for your benefits.

Do you have any written proposal via email or hardcopy so that we can share your proposal with our management?

Yes we do have. We will forward you proposal via email also if you could arrange 20 mins for us in RWAs general meeting we will be able to explain and present our proposal at your convenience.

We don’t think we need this facility as everything is fine and police verification of all the workers already done.

Kindly read the police verification form used by you carefully. It’s just informatory in nature. This means that it does not guarantee the credibility nor past work history of the concerned person.
Whereas our service will ensure that everything is safe and secured.

It is difficult to find household help; people may make an issue if they lose their worker because of this activity.

We will educate workers about their benefits. Also we will enhance their skill sets and train them in terms of good behavior, responsibility and they will become more stable.

How you will verify the data? What is the cost involved? Who will pay for it?

We have teams and associates to manage data verification process in different parts of the country.
The basic services are absolutely free, we are offering some value added services which involves reasonable fee. If you need it you can avail these services at minimal rate.

Will your verification process have legal recognition/validity like police verification form?

As our project grows in different cities all over India we will eventually connect our servers with different government agencies thus gaining government recognition. It is planned and will be completed in the next stage. Also we are in process of getting ISO certification.

How this will actually benefit us as we already maintain data of blue collar workers active in our area.

That’s very good that you maintain data of all blue collar workers. Please tell us how you use it. Do you have any instant information of exact numbers of workers active in your villas?
What else you do with this data?
Our services will help you to utilize this data to serve you in more innovative and efficient way.

Why you doing this? What benefit you will get from it?

Our company is social entrepreneurship. Our initiative is inspired by Digital India campaign.  

How you will earn profit from it?

We will make profit by carrying out verifications and value added services.

Who will fund your projects?

Our founders and co-founders are funding the projects.

Will you charge fees while offering your services?

Digitization is free. However if you want to avail our value added services you can get at reasonable rates.

What is the guarantee that our data provided by us will not be compromised?

We believe in total data integration and we will give you written contract.

What if workers object that why and how without their permission their personal info is being shared? This has some legal implications and we don’t want to be in any legal trouble.

You are absolutely correct. We also don’t want you to be in any legal trouble. We have legal team which ensures all legal parameters are taken into account.
We get consent forms signed and also they will have access to the data. We will be directly involved with workers so you are out of any legal triangle.  And they will also get DEWII card. So we will be in direct touch to the workers.

How much time will you take to give us output if we deliver data to you?

It depends what and how much data you will be providing. Usually we deliver in 4-5 weeks.