Is your domestic servant one of the fugitives?
Posted By: Rohit on 12 Jun 2018

With busy schedules these days, hiring domestic servants has become a norm. To avoid untoward incidents, you need to keep a check on who you are hiring and from where.

Double income households usually require full time domestic helps to look after the children as well as the house. People usually hire helps through a network of acquaintances and referrals but nothing these days is foolproof.

Though you may hire a verified domestic servant things may go wrong such as- previous ill treatment and false accusations. If you at anytime feel that something is amiss with the behavior of your help, be on guard. Ignorance does not lead to bliss; it often leads to sordid crimes and tragedies.


On one hand there are many stories of the domestic help being left beaten and bruised by the employer on the other hand, there have also been as many cases of domestic helps ending up as fugitives.


People sometimes trust their servants too much and they think if they run a background check on them and get police verification done, the servants might threaten to reject the work offer. But you should keep in mind if a potential servant is planning to commit a crime against the family, he/she will obviously be wary of the verification process.


This process also exposes whether the servant has a criminal record, so it is always important to get it done. If your servant commits a crime and runs away, the verification form is the main way of tracing him.


Checklist to keep in mind before hiring a domestic servant-

You must conduct a complete background check- including ID proof and address proof.

Police verification- If your servant is registered with the police, he/she will think twice before committing a crime. Police verification builds up a preventive mechanism.


As the increasing crime figures indicate, the need is to be vigilant. Keep your domestic help in good humor but be safe.